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Hey! Its me, Meg :)


Hey! Its me, Meg :)

If you don’t know me personally already, I’d like to Introduce myself and tell you a little bit about me!

I started Sharum Photography- (formally Meagan Sharum Photography) right after my first son was born in 2007 in Houston, TX. I was a stay at home mom to my children at the time which I loved… but I felt lost. I’ll admit I was a horrible student in school but I always had a passion for art and photography and had been a goal oriented, driven artistic individual. Being so, I decided to pick up a former job I had worked at before I had my children.

I worked at a commercial chain portrait studio.. I was given little to no time to get to know my clients before hand Was reprimanded for being too creative at work, worked hard for little money in a negative life sucking environment. 

SO, I decided you know what? I can do this on my own!.. and quit!

Over countless you tube videos, online workshops, note taking, and questioning myself “Can I do this!?” and all the “What if’s”… I decided to start my own photography business. 

Through-out the years my husband Justin (aka best friend) started out assisting me by carrying equipment and helping out with lighting. He fell in love with the business just as much as I did and picked up a camera along side me. With his outstanding hard work included and becoming a husband and wife team, our business name changed to Sharum Photography. :)

It’s been well over 10 years now that we have been in business, We have shot countless photo sessions, over 100+ weddings and events. We’ve had our work in published magazines and books, we have been excited to see our photos up on billboards, we’ve photographed celebrities,  small businesses to name brand high end corporate businesses and more.

We were nominated by Rhode Island monthly’s readers two years in a row as BEST of RI wedding photographers 2017 as well as BEST of RI Photographers 2018. We were named’s Best Photographers in Providence, RI for the last two years in a row as well also (a favorite <3) Most LOVED photographers by the followers of 

The part that I love the most is that our job brings us close to SO many amazing people. People who end up our friends, and being able to give our clients/friends images that will help them remember the little things that they may not remember so clearly in the future makes me so unbelievably happy. Photography to me, is not just photographing an image, but photographing memories... I believe everyone should have too many memories than not enough. 

With all this being said, My Dreams do not stop here. Being a driven individual I don’t think I’ll ever NOT have Goals. In the future i’m planning on traveling more to photograph different places and people. I would also love to hold online workshops to teach other photographers all that I have learned over the years. 

So tell me about you! What are your dreams and goals? Post Below or feel free to send me a message! I would LOVE to get to know you! 

Thanks for taking the time to read and get to know me a bit better! Let’s be friends! 

Follow me on: 

Facebook Page: @sharumphoto

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Instagram: @sharum_photography

Twitter: @MSharum_photo



Pay what you can photo sessions!

Most people would really love new family portraits but some just can’t afford to pay the prices associated with a professional photographer. We believe everyone should get the chance to have professional images captured with their loved ones to treasure forever. This is why Justin and I are so pleased to offer Pay What You Can portrait sessions!

These 15 minute sessions will be scheduled only once a year!

All you need to do is scroll down and fill out the form below and tell me why you’d like to participate and what kind of photos you need!

All The Details

What’s the catch? There’s no catch! Photography means so much to us. Professional photography is so much different than just taking a image on your cell phone. Everyone deserves beautiful images to treasure forever. We just ask that you fill the form out below so the appointments go to those who truely need them.

Who is eligible? Anyone who knows someone or is currently having a hard time and where spending extra money on a photographer isn't realistic for them at the moment.  We will select people for a Pay What You Can appointment based on their story. 

What kind of sessions are available? Family, senior, headshots, engagement, you name it! we are able to offer any type of session – but wedding photography is not available.

What if I can’t afford very much? There is no pressure! There is a suggested fee of $30 but you may pay whatever you can handle. 

How will my photos be delivered? 5-10 digital images will be delivered to you online along with a print release.

Where will the sessions take place? The location will be our choice depending on travel.

Will there be an opportunity to purchase prints and products? Yes, absolutely! Printing your photos is one of the best ways to preserve and enjoy your memories.

Name *



Fall Short Sessions!

We are planning Fall Sessions this year at Roger Williams park! Join us for a 15 minute fall foliage session! Then have the rest of the night to enjoy at the park! Head on over to the Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular event, ride the carousel or get a bite to eat! 

Why get dressed up for no reason right? ;) 


Name *





Santa is coming to Town!


Correction on Location: Location will be at the Crystal Lake Outdoor Wedding Ceremony Area right by the Driving Range! :) A sample photo of how these images will look will be uploaded ASAP! 

Screen Shot 2017-09-20 at 8.38.16 PM.png




  • 10:00 -BOOKED
  • 10:15- BOOKED
  • 10:30 - BOOKED
  • 10:45- BOOKED
  • 11:00-
  • 11:15- BOOKED
  • 11:30-  BOOKED
  • 11:45- BOOKED
  • 12:00- BOOKED
  • 1:15-
  • 1:30-
  • 1:45- 
  • 2:00- BOOKED
  • 2:15- BOOKED
  • 3:00- BOOKED


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Kerri & Josh- Two Roads Brewery Co.

I was so happy to be able to photograph Kerri & Josh. Kerri is my childhood best friend. I met her in 3rd grade! 23 years of friendship! :) This is the only engagement session that I have ever shot-  that instead of shooting the wedding afterwards.... I'll be apart of the wedding instead! I am so excited and happy for her and her awesome fiancé!  



Why having a Professional Second Photographer is Important.

I was asked once...

 "If you are a husband and wife photography team then why is your business called Meagan Sharum Photography?"

At first I felt like I was getting judged, I would never want anyone to think that I feel like my artwork is any better than anyone else's!



Then I realized, it was an honest question and they had a reason to ask! The reason is this, I started this career by photographing portraits and weddings on my own. At times Justin would be there to help me with my gear and lighting. He observed, learned and developed a passion, so he picked up a camera and joined me. Justin is my second photographer- I'm am in charge of all the edits e-mailing clients, returning phone calls, advertising and social media etc.

If you ask me Second photographers should NOT be there just to capture details that the main photographer doesn't feel like capturing. When hiring a photography TEAM your photographers should be just that. BEWARE of those photographers who have people tag along with them and act like a 2nd photographer. Some do this just to say that they have one. Some hire random 2nd photographers (people who want to learn the trade) Don't get me wrong there is NOTHING wrong with teaching but in my opinion- If your clients ask for two professionals... they should get two professionals. SO... here is the thing...



As Husband and wife we know each other better than anyone. We are best friends and we have been working together for so long that we pretty much read each others minds whenever it comes to taking photos during weddings. There is a book that Justin read.. (I admit I need to read it too) and its called Personality Plus by, Florence Littauer. What we have learned from it is that Justin is what you call a sanguine melancholy.. Myself? I'm a choleric... What does that mean? 

Meagan's positive traits are

  • powerful in jobs that require quick decisions
  • powerful in spots that need instant action and accomplishments
  • in areas that demand strong control and authority 
  • (Pretty much I'm just bossy..haha)

Justin's positive traits are are follows

  • dealing with people enthusiastically
  • expressing thoughts with excitement 
  • up-front positions of attention
  • attenting to details in deep thinking

With reading only a tiny bit of this book and learning more about our personality types- it really made me realize that Justin and I really do make the perfect team. During a typical wedding, you'll see me focused on task and I'll be the one working from our scheduled timeline making sure things go smoothly. Justin likes to call me a photo "sniper" I love to focus on shooting more of a candid and photo journalistic approach.

Now Justin?.. Justin loves people.. he talks to everyone and he really is best at helping people feel relaxed, he jokes around and helps our clients feel less stressed while taking their photos. 

Justin has been my second photographer for over 4 years now. So when choosing us I want you to know that you are not just getting a "so so" second photographer.

Not only is he the life of the party...

(I know its not the best photo of you Justin haha BUT I just love this one)&nbsp;

(I know its not the best photo of you Justin haha BUT I just love this one) 

but Justin has captured SO many amazing images that are included in our portfolio. Actually a TON of my favorite images displayed on this website are his. Here are some of my favorites  


And because we can't photograph a wedding without Justin dancing with at least one person on the dance floor heres a little collage.


Justin and I LOVE what we do, We love that we get to meet new people, laugh, capture memories and create memories of our own while doing it.

We have the best job in the world! We really do!

We will not only make you feel comfortable, treat you as friends but we will have fun with you while doing it and we will BOTH give you incredible photos and memories to look back on. Let us PROVE it to you!  

 I wanted to write this blog... (JUST IN TIME FOR JUSTIN'S BIRTHDAY!)


(everyone make sure to wish him a happy birthday in the comments!)

I also wanted to write this to let him know that I 100% whole heartedly appreciate him. He works so hard and he deserves to be put into the limelight. He Is such an incredible photographer and EVERYONE needs to know it! SO for those of you looking for Wedding photographers..

Look no further We got this! 

Make sure to follow both of us on Facebook on our personal pages! 
Click here to add Justin 
Click here to add Meagan




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Cha cha cha changes are Coming!

Here I sit... Red wine in hand...

blogging about my feelings.

WHY? because I find that yes, Im professional but I post these personal blogs because Im also human. I want my clients to know me, understand me and become my friends. I read a statistic the other day.

"More than 80% of small businesses fail within 5 years"...

That scared me.... It's been winter and due to the cold snowy weather, my income consists of Business headshots, product shots and in home client sessions at the moment. Sure, everything is still going great... but, I'm starting to feel stale... Uncreative and bored

NO photographer wants to feel stale...OR BORED

We go into this business because we want to CREATE, we want to share our art with everyone!

I decided I needed a change.

For myself, for my clients and for my family.

I KNOW I've said over the last few years that when I had a studio.. it made me feel uncreative and trapped.  I will not be shooting in this studio much because of that reason... There is just something about shooting on location that just makes me happy and keeps my creative juices flowing. 

Heres the thing.. In the past I've offered my clients an online gallery- Option to purchase, download digitals and order prints. Many of them would just order digitals. NOT because they really wanted them BUT because I didn't offer them much else.

What are you really doing with your digitals? are they sitting on your computer? (hopefully they are backed up!) Are they on a flash drive in your desk drawer or collecting dust someplace?

I'll be honest

low end printing labs like Shutterfly or Snap fish... are horrible... Im sorry, but they are... CVS.. sure you can get a ton of 4x6 prints that will fade and print out horrible... your photos will look over saturated, overexposed and they will be printed on cheap quality paper that WILL NOT last.

I have been accepted to a Professional Printing Company. A company that will ONLY sell to Professional photographers. They take the time to look over each photographers portfolio, and either deny or accept them.  This company will give my clients BEAUTIFUL products that not just anyone can get! Products that are color calibrated to my own settings that I have on my computer. The quality of the products will last- Because they are high end and professional. 

Its my fault that my clients have not been provided with the products that they deserve. My ART is not being displayed the way I would love it to be displayed in my clients homes. 

If everything goes over well... we'll have a very pretty and Fancy studio location this spring! :) A location where we can sell our artwork to you. Let you touch and feel and see what we have to offer. I want to be able  to show you your galleries in person.. (maybe I'll even provide some wine.;)..)  To my current and past Clients- I know this is a HUGE change but I promise you we will always strive to give you the BEST that we can give you! 

Our studio will be open to:

  • Chat with Portrait clients & Wedding couples.
  • Host Gallery Premier and ordering appointments!
  •  We will be using this as our office as well to edit & return phone calls. This way we can have a life with our family at home and leave our work at work.
  • We are also planning on TEACHING photography lessons in the near future!
  • We will be collaborating with other creative individuals and putting our brains together to host some type of- Paint and Vino class as well! 
  • We will also use the space for some sessions including session events and during the cold winter months. 

This is going to be AMAZING and I can NOT wait for what the future holds for All of us!


  • We've taken our most popular items and grouped them into collections to make ordering easier and more budget friendly!
  • You will get all al la carte items at discount when choosing a collection.
  • Gorgeous NEW Session ALBUMS!
  • Large Fine Art Canvas and Canvas groupings
  • Beautiful Metal prints
  • All wall prints 10x10+ are now mounted for stability


we also have Spring sessions this upcoming MAY that we are in the process of planning! You can check out the info HERE!

We just ordered a TON of products! so keep a look out for our most recent blog posts so you can check out all of our new goodies as well! 

One last thing!

I'll be flying out to Arizona to shoot a destination wedding in about 12 days! Please know that I will not have much time to be answering emails and phone calls but- I will be forwarding them all to Justin for that week! you know if you ever need us each of us are only a phone call away!

Our normal office hours are- Monday-Friday 9:30am- 3:00pm Saturday and Sunday are reserved for mostly weddings and sessions and we typically return phone calls 4:00pm- 6:00pm

Love you guys! PLEASE STAY SAFE during the blizzard coming through this week! Lets keep wishing for that warm weather and those spring flowers that I desperately can not wait to photograph! 









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NEW! Spring Short Sessions

Our Short Sessions are a great way to get to know us, try us out and see how we work

These sessions will be located at URI Kinney Azalea Gardens. To view the beautiful Location check out our google image search here

We have only 4 sessions available Friday MAY 12th and 4 sessions on Saturday May 13th! 

Our short sessions do not have a minimum purchase required and you have two collections to choose from.  

Our Spring- Short Sessions Include:

  • 15 minute session, on location.
  • Your own personal webpage for extensive planning of your session
  • 5-8 image online gallery to purchase from
  • Pre-session planning appointment with photographer
  • Gallery Premier appointment 
  • Optional blog feature to share with family and friends  



Collection 2.jpg


Collection 1- $450

  • 5 Digital full resolution images
  • Two 5x7 prints
  • One 16x24 fine art print

Collection 2- $250   

  • 2 Digital full resolution images
  • and two corresponding 5x7 prints






CALL US AT (401) 309-8818 or Contact us below to schedule your Pre- Session planning appointment. It is so important to us that we get to talk to you or meet you in person before your session so whenever the day of your session arrives you are comfortable with us and know that we have everything under control! We will then email you with your own personal website aka "portal" jam packed with information! Like what to expect, what to wear info and questionnaires so we can get to know more about you, your family and what you are looking for exactly! 

Please remember our office hours are  Monday-Friday 9:30am- 3:00pm and we typically return phone calls 4:00pm- 6:00pm 


we have been planning these sessions for a few months now so we are expecting a great turn out! We expect these sessions to sell out quickly so please contact as ASAP! 




What would be your perfect mothers day?

Last year I held Mothers Day photo sessions at my Old studio. I hired a hair and makeup artist to pamper my clients, even had some wine, snacks available.  I was so happy to be able to capture some great images for all of these wonderful deserving moms with their children and make them feel super special. I even got special treatment during these sessions! :) Justin grabbed his camera and took these fun shots of me, my mom and my sisters as well! 


Right after, Justin took photos of me and our baby boys. I finally got the chance to understand how my clients feel during and at the end of our sessions. I can't even express how happy I was to be able to get pictures with not only with my mom and sisters but my beautiful sweet little boys as well.

This year, my sessions will be a bit different and I will be providing gift certificates. I will be booking Mothers Day sessions for the Whole month of May and June at a location of your choice. 

So let me ask you. If you could have the perfect mothers day with your children, Where would you go, what would you do? 

Whether you're just staying at home, Baking cookies, taking a walk, going out for ice cream... to the library.. Anything!  I'll come along as a friend and photograph those happy, loving moments with you and your children.....because it's the candid, fun and  REAL moments that you will remember and cherish. I'll help you keep those memories forever. 

Mom's Day Sessions will include:

  • 1 Hour session on location
  • 30+ edited images viewable in an online gallery for ordering
  • 15% off any prints or all digital images with rights to print.

For more information or to book or purchase a gift certificate contact me below! :)

Name *



Using what you have available- with only ambient light!

Find out why I'm carrying this apple around with me all day on my new blog post that will be added tonight!!

Find out why I'm carrying this apple around with me all day on my new blog post that will be added tonight!!

One of my favorite things about my job is when I get thrown into a situation where I need to get creative and think. There are SO many situations that come up, especially during weddings. Most of the time I will walk into a hotel room and just have to use whatever I see around me to photograph all of the details shots that I need. 

Today we will be discussing Ambient light only!-  let's say you don't have a speed light or any other extra lighting that you need. (I don't use straight on camera flash either so I won't be talking about that)

First thing! Head to any window light you can find and just play with different' angles. Make sure to not only observe the subject but the light that is hitting the subject as well.  

Now lets say the sun is going down and there isnt much window light, you have no flash and you dont have a reflector.... Find something shiny- or white! 

bright backgrounds and dark foregrounds can still make for some great silhouettes BUT if you find a makeshift reflector and a helper to help you hold it (Thanks Justin!!) you can pop light and add more to your subject. Editing your images black and white also helps when working with only warm lit light. 

Using the same set up you can move around and find random things from wherever you are to make it look a bit different. Then just crop your images in tight to avoid the mess.

With low light, your images may look a bit grainy. I honestly love the look of grain but if you don't you can always use the Noise Reduction tool in Lightroom or the reduce noise option in photoshop to fix that. 

Last but not least! You don't always need to use white reflectors! HAVE FUN with your images! use whatever you find to make your images POP! 

My kids had this super neon paper in their room and they helped me hold them on each side of the apple.

To the right side of the apple was a tall floor lamp so that ambient light bounced off of the paper and onto the apple. We also got some blueish toned light shining through their bedroom window that hit the front of the apple.

There are SO many ways to take a picture and lighting is just absolutly everything when it comes to photography. PLEASE feel free to take your own images and make sure to # me at #msharumblog or tag me on facebook!!! 

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you all have a awesome day!