Here I sit... Red wine in hand...

blogging about my feelings.

WHY? because I find that yes, Im professional but I post these personal blogs because Im also human. I want my clients to know me, understand me and become my friends. I read a statistic the other day.

"More than 80% of small businesses fail within 5 years"...

That scared me.... It's been winter and due to the cold snowy weather, my income consists of Business headshots, product shots and in home client sessions at the moment. Sure, everything is still going great... but, I'm starting to feel stale... Uncreative and bored

NO photographer wants to feel stale...OR BORED

We go into this business because we want to CREATE, we want to share our art with everyone!

I decided I needed a change.

For myself, for my clients and for my family.

I KNOW I've said over the last few years that when I had a studio.. it made me feel uncreative and trapped.  I will not be shooting in this studio much because of that reason... There is just something about shooting on location that just makes me happy and keeps my creative juices flowing. 

Heres the thing.. In the past I've offered my clients an online gallery- Option to purchase, download digitals and order prints. Many of them would just order digitals. NOT because they really wanted them BUT because I didn't offer them much else.

What are you really doing with your digitals? are they sitting on your computer? (hopefully they are backed up!) Are they on a flash drive in your desk drawer or collecting dust someplace?

I'll be honest

low end printing labs like Shutterfly or Snap fish... are horrible... Im sorry, but they are... CVS.. sure you can get a ton of 4x6 prints that will fade and print out horrible... your photos will look over saturated, overexposed and they will be printed on cheap quality paper that WILL NOT last.

I have been accepted to a Professional Printing Company. A company that will ONLY sell to Professional photographers. They take the time to look over each photographers portfolio, and either deny or accept them.  This company will give my clients BEAUTIFUL products that not just anyone can get! Products that are color calibrated to my own settings that I have on my computer. The quality of the products will last- Because they are high end and professional. 

Its my fault that my clients have not been provided with the products that they deserve. My ART is not being displayed the way I would love it to be displayed in my clients homes. 

If everything goes over well... we'll have a very pretty and Fancy studio location this spring! :) A location where we can sell our artwork to you. Let you touch and feel and see what we have to offer. I want to be able  to show you your galleries in person.. (maybe I'll even provide some wine.;)..)  To my current and past Clients- I know this is a HUGE change but I promise you we will always strive to give you the BEST that we can give you! 

Our studio will be open to:

  • Chat with Portrait clients & Wedding couples.
  • Host Gallery Premier and ordering appointments!
  •  We will be using this as our office as well to edit & return phone calls. This way we can have a life with our family at home and leave our work at work.
  • We are also planning on TEACHING photography lessons in the near future!
  • We will be collaborating with other creative individuals and putting our brains together to host some type of- Paint and Vino class as well! 
  • We will also use the space for some sessions including session events and during the cold winter months. 

This is going to be AMAZING and I can NOT wait for what the future holds for All of us!


  • We've taken our most popular items and grouped them into collections to make ordering easier and more budget friendly!
  • You will get all al la carte items at discount when choosing a collection.
  • Gorgeous NEW Session ALBUMS!
  • Large Fine Art Canvas and Canvas groupings
  • Beautiful Metal prints
  • All wall prints 10x10+ are now mounted for stability


we also have Spring sessions this upcoming MAY that we are in the process of planning! You can check out the info HERE!

We just ordered a TON of products! so keep a look out for our most recent blog posts so you can check out all of our new goodies as well! 

One last thing!

I'll be flying out to Arizona to shoot a destination wedding in about 12 days! Please know that I will not have much time to be answering emails and phone calls but- I will be forwarding them all to Justin for that week! you know if you ever need us each of us are only a phone call away!

Our normal office hours are- Monday-Friday 9:30am- 3:00pm Saturday and Sunday are reserved for mostly weddings and sessions and we typically return phone calls 4:00pm- 6:00pm

Love you guys! PLEASE STAY SAFE during the blizzard coming through this week! Lets keep wishing for that warm weather and those spring flowers that I desperately can not wait to photograph! 









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