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What would be your perfect mothers day?

Last year I held Mothers Day photo sessions at my Old studio. I hired a hair and makeup artist to pamper my clients, even had some wine, snacks available.  I was so happy to be able to capture some great images for all of these wonderful deserving moms with their children and make them feel super special. I even got special treatment during these sessions! :) Justin grabbed his camera and took these fun shots of me, my mom and my sisters as well! 


Right after, Justin took photos of me and our baby boys. I finally got the chance to understand how my clients feel during and at the end of our sessions. I can't even express how happy I was to be able to get pictures with not only with my mom and sisters but my beautiful sweet little boys as well.

This year, my sessions will be a bit different and I will be providing gift certificates. I will be booking Mothers Day sessions for the Whole month of May and June at a location of your choice. 

So let me ask you. If you could have the perfect mothers day with your children, Where would you go, what would you do? 

Whether you're just staying at home, Baking cookies, taking a walk, going out for ice cream... to the library.. Anything!  I'll come along as a friend and photograph those happy, loving moments with you and your children.....because it's the candid, fun and  REAL moments that you will remember and cherish. I'll help you keep those memories forever. 

Mom's Day Sessions will include:

  • 1 Hour session on location
  • 30+ edited images viewable in an online gallery for ordering
  • 15% off any prints or all digital images with rights to print.

For more information or to book or purchase a gift certificate contact me below! :)

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Rock your Prom Dress Sessions!

Congratulations to Sarah Blanchard! You won a free ROCK your PROM dress session! :) #meagansharumphotography

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I posted a Model Call on my facebook page the other day.

Thank you to all of the seniors who sent me photos! :) It was so hard to choose a winner,  so I decide to just pick from "a hat"... aka my Camera Lens coffee cup. Congratulations to Sarah Blanchard! 

For all those interested in these sessions please make sure to follow me. Sarah will be taking her photos this week and I'll have a blog up of her photos soon after!

These sessions are a great way to get some awesome fun photos of you in your dress with your friends or your date!

 These sessions will include:

  • 30 minutes on a location of your choice.
  • Up to 4 people (+15 per additional person)
  • Online Gallery up to 35+ images for sharing and ordering
  • Includes 5 of your favorite High-Resolution images with Printing rights.

All for Just $175

I'll be booking these sessions during all of April and May! 

Contact me here to book!

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Our Trip to the Farm

I wanted to do something different than just the normal baby chick pictures for easter this year. So I did some searching around for Ideas on the internet. I came across  Elena Shumilova's beautiful work.  Click here to view some of her amazing photography. 

She definitely inspired me to host these sessions on a farm. It took me a bit to find the perfect one but once I did it was so worth the wait. I found this great family farm just 30 minutes from Harrisville RI called Kingdom Kids Farm. Its owned by a really awesome family and it is beautiful! Not only will they have baby chicks around the time that I will be hosting these sessions but they will also have baby goats that will be only about 2 weeks old! 

These sessions will not be staged or propped. I will be there to follow you and children around while they have a great time playing, petting and having fun at the farm with these adorable animals.

I stopped by to check it out yesterday and grabbed just a few quick shots while talking to the owner. Just to have a picture for an advertisement. I had just picked up my kids  from school so I snapped a few of them as well, They LOVED it and even with just seeing the big goats.  I really can not wait to see how these sessions end up! I will be visitng the farm again once the babies are born and I will make sure to post aother blog to update you all! 

Dont forget to "LIKE" Kingdom Kids farm by visiting their>-  facebook!

For more information about these sessions check out my other blog post HERE



Easter Farm Sessions!

Hi guys! so I'll be visiting Kingdom kids farm sometime this week to check out the location and take some images for a proper advertisment..  but for now here is the information on our Easter sessions with baby goats and chicks! Take a look at Kingdom kids farms website and facebook here- 



They are a wonderful family with a beautiful farm just outside of north east rhode island.

Sessions will be taken on March 20th!  

These half-hour sessions will be $95 and will include an online gallery for sharing and ordering! To schedule your time please contact me using the form below! 


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Observing Light in films, This week: The Walking dead

I dont know about you but last weeks The Walking dead episode has been on my mind all week. In my opinion, it was one of the best episodes in a long time! I ended up rewatching it and noticing some really awesome lighting techniques that they used on set. 

I find myself drifting off on most movies and tv shows when Im drawn to the lighting so I thought, why not make this a fun learning game for my blog?  As you may know if you follow me on facebook I am a Netflix binge watcher. For me, Its a great tool to zone into my shows while editing to help me focus, and I do alot of editing! So here are my thoughts on how they lit up certain scenes! If you think different please feel free to share your comments below! 

I did really love the dramatic lighting in this scene Enid looks so pretty!

OH! and also you can check out these scenes and observe it for yourself on the AMC website

This one was fun to figure out! 


I wanted to write about this lighting set up but I couldnt get great screen shots from watching the show. 


This Sunday while watching the walking dead. Make sure to Observe all the Awesome lighting techniques! The cinematographer for AMC's The Walking Dead - David Boyd is Absolutly Amazing at what he does! 


So what do you think? Did I get the lighting style correct!?  Let me know what you think by commenting below!