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Using what you have available- Ring shot!

When I shoot weddings I always find myself scouting around

for awesome little props around bridal sweets, hotels or homes (wherever the bride is getting ready) to make my detail shots different, sentimental or just cool looking. At times I find myself in situations where some of these locations don't really have much of a WOW factor and this is what makes me excited because I get to think and use my creativity. I have gone from- taking a venues Plexiglass desk cover off of the desk to use for a refection in my detail shots to taking mirrors off walls. I've grabbed trinkets from random places like bowls, cups, platters, baskets to shoot on and through. Even asked to take a pretty chain off of some random persons pocket book to hang the rings from once..

I wrote on my Facebook and Instagram earlier that I've been attending some workshops and classes online, and I have really become inspired to take advantage of and use more of my off camera flash in certain situations to give my images more of a POP.  I came across a video on youtube the other day and

it really inspired me to create this ring shot using my own wedding rings.  

Now you might think I had an awesome purple glittery backdrop set up going on.. Or maybe I photoshopped this but nope..

I simply used my kitchen toaster (yes you read this right) my flash, a ziplock bagsharpie marker, my iPhone flash light, and a old bottle of body spray filled with water. 

This is such a simple and quick image to capture in any situation you are placed in. 

Here is what my set up looked like (Dont laugh!) 

 I was able to use my flash off of my camera to shine it through my sharpie colored zip lock bag.. which gave my rings a really cool pinkish purple back light.

I also threw my iPhone up with the flashlight on in front so my rings wouldn't end up totally purple all over. 

From there I focused my rings with my camera and set it up on a tripod (because I didn't have enough hands) with a self timer while I sprayed my little water filled body spray bottle in front of the flash

and There you go! Pretty purple glittery ring shot.

Want a different color? Just color any ziplock bag any color... Yes you can buy films for your flash but I had fun doing this on my own! :) 

Never be embarrassed to use what you have

 OR to look crazy like me and just have your whole set up look like a total mess.. People won't get what your doing and might look at you like your a weirdo but... Id rather look like a weirdo than Not get the perfect shot! 

Let me know if you have any questions by commenting below! Id love to answer! 

Have a great weekend guys! 



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Observing Light in films, This week: The Walking dead

I dont know about you but last weeks The Walking dead episode has been on my mind all week. In my opinion, it was one of the best episodes in a long time! I ended up rewatching it and noticing some really awesome lighting techniques that they used on set. 

I find myself drifting off on most movies and tv shows when Im drawn to the lighting so I thought, why not make this a fun learning game for my blog?  As you may know if you follow me on facebook I am a Netflix binge watcher. For me, Its a great tool to zone into my shows while editing to help me focus, and I do alot of editing! So here are my thoughts on how they lit up certain scenes! If you think different please feel free to share your comments below! 

I did really love the dramatic lighting in this scene Enid looks so pretty!

OH! and also you can check out these scenes and observe it for yourself on the AMC website

This one was fun to figure out! 


I wanted to write about this lighting set up but I couldnt get great screen shots from watching the show. 


This Sunday while watching the walking dead. Make sure to Observe all the Awesome lighting techniques! The cinematographer for AMC's The Walking Dead - David Boyd is Absolutly Amazing at what he does! 


So what do you think? Did I get the lighting style correct!?  Let me know what you think by commenting below! 






Using what you have available- with only ambient light!

Find out why I'm carrying this apple around with me all day on my new blog post that will be added tonight!!

Find out why I'm carrying this apple around with me all day on my new blog post that will be added tonight!!

One of my favorite things about my job is when I get thrown into a situation where I need to get creative and think. There are SO many situations that come up, especially during weddings. Most of the time I will walk into a hotel room and just have to use whatever I see around me to photograph all of the details shots that I need. 

Today we will be discussing Ambient light only!-  let's say you don't have a speed light or any other extra lighting that you need. (I don't use straight on camera flash either so I won't be talking about that)

First thing! Head to any window light you can find and just play with different' angles. Make sure to not only observe the subject but the light that is hitting the subject as well.  

Now lets say the sun is going down and there isnt much window light, you have no flash and you dont have a reflector.... Find something shiny- or white! 

bright backgrounds and dark foregrounds can still make for some great silhouettes BUT if you find a makeshift reflector and a helper to help you hold it (Thanks Justin!!) you can pop light and add more to your subject. Editing your images black and white also helps when working with only warm lit light. 

Using the same set up you can move around and find random things from wherever you are to make it look a bit different. Then just crop your images in tight to avoid the mess.

With low light, your images may look a bit grainy. I honestly love the look of grain but if you don't you can always use the Noise Reduction tool in Lightroom or the reduce noise option in photoshop to fix that. 

Last but not least! You don't always need to use white reflectors! HAVE FUN with your images! use whatever you find to make your images POP! 

My kids had this super neon paper in their room and they helped me hold them on each side of the apple.

To the right side of the apple was a tall floor lamp so that ambient light bounced off of the paper and onto the apple. We also got some blueish toned light shining through their bedroom window that hit the front of the apple.

There are SO many ways to take a picture and lighting is just absolutly everything when it comes to photography. PLEASE feel free to take your own images and make sure to # me at #msharumblog or tag me on facebook!!! 

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you all have a awesome day!









My Favorite 5 online links for photography education

Ten years ago I didn't know much about digital photography.  I took photos with film cameras my whole life. I took one photography course in college and used my 30mm that didnt even have a auto focus or automatic settings. I learned how to develop my photographs in a dark room but never adobe. Had a job at a local portrait studio and even then still had to wind up the film under a dark cloth at the end of the night. 

When I developed my passion for opening up my own business, I did a lot of searching around on the internet. Here is a list of my top five favorite places online to learn!

  1.   Creative Live-  free live online classes taught by the world's most inspiring instructors.

  2. Karl Taylors youtube videos as soon as you watch one of his videos you'll understand why I find him such a great teacher. 

  3. AdoramaTV Amazing videos on their youtube channel! I've even bought alot of gear from which is also great!

  4. DigitalRev is always so funny and entertaining to watch. I look forward to every new video he posts. 

  5. SLR lounge  a great photography community with awesome tutorial  blogs and videos to learn from (Check out my friend Trevor Dayley's link hes a great teacher!)

So that's it! Now go Learn stuff!