A year ago I made my husband quit the job that he hated... I stepped it up a notch with my business and became a full-time photographer. I owned my own photography studio, shot over 30+ weddings, Gained confidence...Grew as an artist. I even a made a few mistakes but learned from them.

There are days where I will scroll through facebook and notice so many negative statuses... I see so many people doing what they need to do just to get by. Not happy and hating their jobs. I wonder, how did they get stuck in this position? being depressed while living a monotonous life?...

I got stuck into that same rut when I owned my studio. I loved having a place to call my own but I noticed that being stuck in a permanent location was just not for me. Having to go to the same place every day and doing the same thing over and over.. it made me so unhappy and it drove me crazy. I created a life for myself that I was always trying to avoid. The same old, go to work, make money pay bills, sleep... wake up and do it over again. Its not how life should be. I am a true believer that you should create a life for yourself that you don't need escaping from. 

I had this CRAZY Idea! I'll close my studio! Buy an AIRSTREAM! and turn it into my Traveling studio! 

We found the perfect airstream in western Connecticut for a great price!                


Ended up having to stop in Sandy Hook CT

to check out the non-functioning electric breaks on the airstream so we ended up giving calling her- "SANDY" 

We were lucky enough to drive Sandy home safe and sound and to have amazing friends who helped us store her in their yard while we got her registered in Rhode Island. 

Then parked her at a storage unit for the winter.

 Months passed and I started to photograph photo sessions on location again like I did before I had my studio. I noticed a change in myself. I was happy again! After around 8 years of being in business I'm started to really find my own style. I felt so creative and being thrown into different locations to take photos made it so much more fun and exciting.

 I thought to myself... do I really want a studio?

We went on vacation to New York and had an amazing time, we didn't have to work.. didn't have to worry about bills.. then I noticed... I created that lifestyle that I needed escaping from... one that I never wanted to have. 

As soon as we got back we visited the airstream at the storage unit. I mentioned to Justin... what if?!.... what if we just sold most of our stuff, put half of it in storage and just lived in the airstream?

 Knowing how Justin felt about "tiny houses" after watching those shows with him on TV I was expecting him to say "Hell no!!"... what I didn't realize is he was feeling the same as I was. He started getting more excited about living in the airstream than me! So... we did our research. 


From April - October we could live on a beautiful lake in our airstream with the boys for while saving up paying off some bills and just enjoy our time together. Enjoy nature, campground events and just LIVE.. without the worries of having to pay for too many amenities. It will cost us around the same amount of money to live there for 6 months then it would for us to pay for 1 month at our apartment now. As for where we will live in the winter? We will figure it out when we get to that point.. but that's how life should be right? An Adventure!! :) 

Here are some professional pictures we took for the owner of a campground that we would love to be accepted into. He wanted to make sure that our airstream is was nice enough to park there seasonally which we totally understand. We are still waiting to hear back from them. Wish us luck! 

While we are waiting we have been slowly getting things ready! So far we. 

Covered most of the old faux wood with fresh white paint so it's looking so much more up to date and modern! 


Ripped out a bunch of trim from the inside that was pretty much useless and taking up room, as well as a whole side of the middle area so we can create more storage and an entertainment center. 


We ripped out part of the wood floor in that area as well and we will be installing carpet tiles. 



Abel suggested that I should paint a starry night mural on the ceiling of their room area so I might also be doing that as well, complete with glow in the dark paint :)

So that's it so far! I will make sure to contunie blogging about this fun little adventure we are about to take and I hope you all will follow. 

Heres a question for you.. How would living small improve your life?