Instead of just showing you the images I took at the walk the other day, I wanted to share a more personal reason of why I photograph this event each year. So here is a review that I left for the amazing group of people I know at the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Organization in Providence, RI. 

"I've been photographing the Making Strides walk in Providence for five years now and every single time I attend it amazes me even more than the last year. I've photographed those who have lost the battle to cancer and I've photographed those who have survived. Last year I even brought my son who is very interested in photography and wanted to do it knowing what I went through as a child.. The Making strides Is something that means ALOT to me.. My father passed away from cancer 22 years ago, I do this because I know what its like to watch someone you love going through so much..... saying so... I realized throughout the years that I became a photographer because of this... I would have never known the man who raised me as well (being 8 when he passed) If it wasn't for the photographs that I was lucky enough to have of him. The emotions and the personality that I had viewed in those images kept of him (even though I blocked out most of the pain my family all went through) forced me to remember the amazing man that he was. I do this every year because I want to be able to provide Images like what I have of my father to other families. I want to be able to give these families strength. I want to be able to help, and to be able to PUSH them to keep fighting. Thank you to The Making Strides Providence for asking me to do just that each year. Not only are you giving the opportunity for others to remember but for me to Not Forget."

If you or someone you know was at the walk Make sure to check out the rest of the pictures HERE! If you didn't make the gallery- Make sure to cheer, smile and wave for me next year! 


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