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Using what you have available- Ring shot!

When I shoot weddings I always find myself scouting around

for awesome little props around bridal sweets, hotels or homes (wherever the bride is getting ready) to make my detail shots different, sentimental or just cool looking. At times I find myself in situations where some of these locations don't really have much of a WOW factor and this is what makes me excited because I get to think and use my creativity. I have gone from- taking a venues Plexiglass desk cover off of the desk to use for a refection in my detail shots to taking mirrors off walls. I've grabbed trinkets from random places like bowls, cups, platters, baskets to shoot on and through. Even asked to take a pretty chain off of some random persons pocket book to hang the rings from once..

I wrote on my Facebook and Instagram earlier that I've been attending some workshops and classes online, and I have really become inspired to take advantage of and use more of my off camera flash in certain situations to give my images more of a POP.  I came across a video on youtube the other day and

it really inspired me to create this ring shot using my own wedding rings.  

Now you might think I had an awesome purple glittery backdrop set up going on.. Or maybe I photoshopped this but nope..

I simply used my kitchen toaster (yes you read this right) my flash, a ziplock bagsharpie marker, my iPhone flash light, and a old bottle of body spray filled with water. 

This is such a simple and quick image to capture in any situation you are placed in. 

Here is what my set up looked like (Dont laugh!) 

 I was able to use my flash off of my camera to shine it through my sharpie colored zip lock bag.. which gave my rings a really cool pinkish purple back light.

I also threw my iPhone up with the flashlight on in front so my rings wouldn't end up totally purple all over. 

From there I focused my rings with my camera and set it up on a tripod (because I didn't have enough hands) with a self timer while I sprayed my little water filled body spray bottle in front of the flash

and There you go! Pretty purple glittery ring shot.

Want a different color? Just color any ziplock bag any color... Yes you can buy films for your flash but I had fun doing this on my own! :) 

Never be embarrassed to use what you have

 OR to look crazy like me and just have your whole set up look like a total mess.. People won't get what your doing and might look at you like your a weirdo but... Id rather look like a weirdo than Not get the perfect shot! 

Let me know if you have any questions by commenting below! Id love to answer! 

Have a great weekend guys! 



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