I'm a photographer, artist, mom, wife and entrepreneur. I've been taking photos professionally for about 9 years now.  My husband Justin and I have two beautiful little boys together, Abel who is 9, and Liam who is 7 (shown above aren't they the cutest?!). In my spare time, I love to travel, camp, spend time outdoors, paint, and charcoal sketch! Justin and I love video games and I'm a huge fan of Netflix. I have just about binged watched almost every TV series possible while editing. I truly love my life; I love working with my husband and to be given the opportunity to chase after my goals and live my dream..


Memories are everything to me. I lost my father at a young age, and it took me a really long time to figure this out, but about half way through my career I noticed that photographing REAL moments, REAL memories (and not just simple posed studio images) is my absolute passion.  Photography to me is not about props or staged environments. To me it's capturing true smiles, real laughter and love. There is nothing that makes me happier than providing my clients with a keepsake of photographs that are true and natural memories. 


I am the second shooter for Meagan Sharum Photography during events and weddings. Believe it or not, I had no idea how life changing and important photography would be for me when I started working with my lovely wife. I started out assisting Meagan by carrying her equipment and helping out with lighting - after about 4 years of the best slave labor of my life, I joined her behind the lens.

Luckily, Meg and I have very different shooting styles. She's my little photo sniper, and I'll be the goof on the dance floor tearing it up, and getting those great wide angle shots of you and your guests having the time of their lives.

So where did I start? Theatre. I have over 6 years combined theatrical lighting experience, so it was an easy switch to looking at lighting through a camera. I LOVE deep, dramatic shadows and interesting angles in my photos.

As my wife mentioned, I am a huge gamer. I can nerd it out with the best of them - but trust me, I'm super cool! I also love meeting new people! I'm quite the social butterfly, and I could hold a conversation with a curtain if it would only talk back, haha. I am incredibly blessed to have the opportunity to take photos for a living, and even more so to be able to do it with my bride. 


Facts about us!

  • We met on a online Star wars video game 12 years ago

  • We lived TINY for a half a year in our Airstream! (Check out my personal BLOG posts to view our awesome adventures!)

  • We are both Blue belts along with our oldest son Abel, Our youngest is a little dragons brown belt!

  • Justin is also a Fitness Coach www.JustinSharum.com

  • Meagan use to own her own Mural business , shes worked as a Florist, Sign shop artist and Picture framer in the past. She also is self taught in Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom and digital photography.  


What Sets US Apart?


We've been in your shoes! We're married.. we've had kids. We understand. We have two different perspectives, two different minds, and we use that to capture everything that we know you will love to remember. 



As artists we both have unique creative visions. We understand light, colors and we know how to use it. As creative professional photographers, we have the experience and knowledge to know what lenses, settings, software and labs to provide you the best images possible!



We are down to earth, and we know how to get you to relax in front of the camera! Most of the time, instead of posing we prefer to give you prompts to keep you moving and photograph you in action so we can just capture you being YOU! 



Whether you email, text or even Facebook message us, we are always around to answer any questions you have. Feeling nervous about your session? Not sure what to wear? Send us a picture! We are here help!



We truly believe that we can provide you with the BEST! Why? Because we treat our clients as friends, we have passion, we work our hardest and we care about our work. We limit the amount of sessions and weddings we provide each month because we believe that less clients = more time to spoil the ones we have. We take the time to give you not only amazing photographs, but an amazing experience as well - and we want to prove that to you!


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